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What is the DLAD?

The DLAD is the Drivers License Appeal Division of the Michigan Secretary of State

Driver's License Restoration at the DLAD

Repeat offenders face license revocation upon conviction. The courts are no longer permitted to grant restricted licenses based upon any personal hardship that might be suffered. A restricted license or a full license may only be obtained through the DLAD(Driver's License Appeal Division). A person whose license is revoked may request reinstatement through the DLAD after they have reached their eligibility date. To satisfy the DLAD, a person must provide a positive alcohol evaluation, and they must show that they have a) stopped using alcohol, b) successfully completed alcohol therapy, c) regularly attend a support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous, d) produce letters from family and friends showing a change in lifestyle and impact from being alcohol-free, and e) show a reason and need to drive.

What exactly does the DLAD do?

The DLAD is an administrative agency. This means that the DLAD is a quasi-judicial body under the Administrative Procedures Act. Under the Administrative Procedures Act, the Legislature has delegated certain powers to the DLAD as an agency acting under the authority of the Executive branch. (The Secretary of State is part of the Executive branch of Michigan government.) The hearing officers at the DLAD are administrative law judges, and the hearings conducted at the DLAD are formal, recorded hearings, very similar to proceedings in a regular court of law.

DLAD Forms

The following DLAD forms may be used with or without the assistance of an attorney. We strongly encourage you to call our office to discuss your case with us, but you are welcome to study and use these materials without a lawyer at your discretion. CAUTION: The information you submit to the DLAD may be used against you in future hearings in the event that you submit an application that is not successful. For example, if you admit to consuming alcohol a few months ago, the DLAD will deny the petition because you are not technically eligible, and (worse still) the hearing officer will consider that consumption of alcohol as evidence of relapse.

The DLAD Practice Manual 2005

Request for Driver License Record

Request for Transcript form

Affidavit for Video Hearing form

DLAD / DAAD Rules and Procedures

Substance Abuse Evaluation form

List of civil infractions, points, and driver license sanctions

Request for Hearing

Request for hearing in Word

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