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Michigan Felony Charges (non-DUI)

I have handled many felony criminal charges in Michigan as a result of the forensic knowledge that I have picked up after 20 years of defending scientifically complex drunk driving cases. My methods of cross-examination and jury trial techniques are extremely powerful tools to employ in a routine felony charge. It is also frequently easier to litigate and defend a number of felony charges. Unless the charge is very serious, such as a murder charge or a CSC, felony criminal charges are often times easier to defend and present me with an opportunity to take a break from the bulk of my drunk driving practice. For example, I have been defending a number of interesting cases lately that involve counterfeiting, financial transfers, forfeiture issues, and import/export laws arising out of business conducted at Detroit Metro Airport. The cast of characters have involved TSA, DEA, customs, a special task force known as the Combined Hotel Interdiction Task Force (CHIEF), and the Michigan State Police Tobacco Tax Team. The issues presented in these cases are fresh and exciting to me as a trial lawyer, and I am uncovering all sorts of shady law enforcement practices.

I have complied a list of highly detailed notes regarding common felonies on one of my other websites, Livonia.Lawyer-MI.com, where one of my offices is located. I put these notes together to form a list of felonies that you might find valuable. I don't get into a great deal of information regarding specific defenses, but you will have the statutory language, elements of the offense, and the possible penalties at your fingertips on this companion website.

Detailed Information Regarding Felony Criminal Charges