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DUI Charges

DUI Charges in Michigan

DUI charges in Michigan are technically known as OWI charges or operating while intoxicated. Under Michigan's drunk driving statute, MCL 257.625, the statutory language used to refer to "Operating Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor," which was known as OUIL. Only a few older police officers will recall OUIL charges. The statute was amended several years ago to "operating while intoxicated," which caused some confusion for several years, since "OWI" under the old statute qualified as "operating while impaired." Nowadays, the proper designation is OWI and OWVI, which stand for Operating While Intoxicated and Operating While Visibly Impaired respectively. OWI is the more serious offense, while OWVI is the less serious offense, but both charges qualify as drunk driving convictions and very serious offenses under Michigan's drunk driving laws.

You should not accept a plea down from OWI to OWVI unless you are absolutely convinced that you have no defense or have nothing to lose from a guilty plea except money, driving privileges, and loss of liberty for as little as 93 days and upwards of 5 years in prison.

I have 20 years of experience fighting Michigan DUI charges. I have fought more Michigan drunk driving charges than any other lawyer in the State of Michigan. I focus on discovering evidence that will help you beat a Michigan DUI charge, motions that will cripple the prosecutor's case against you, and taking cases to trial before a jury. I have been an active member of the National College for DUI Defense since 2005, and I have learned the science and strategies that you need in your corner fighting a Michigan DUI charge. A Michigan drunk driving charge is serious, and your immediate concern should be how to select the right DUI lawyer for your case.

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